The Extras

Headlight Restoration

Are the headlights on your vehicle hazy, cloudy, or yellow? If so, our headlight restoration service is for you. With our multi-step restoration process we can make your headlights look like new again. After we have restored your lenses to their crystal clear, like new appearance, we apply a UV resistant coating to keep them protected from the elements and looking like new for years to come.

Starting at $80

Stain Removal

Have a stain on your vehicles interior? Want the stain removed without leaving your interior smelling like a chemical manufacturing plant? We can help with our stain removal service.  

Please call or stop by for a consultation to determine pricing

Convertible Top Treatment

With our convertible top cleaning and protection service we can make your convertibles top look like new. First we will deep clean the top and then apply a special coating to the fabric to help keep it that way for up to 3 years. This coating creates a barrier that will bead water like crazy,  and be resistant to dirt and dust making it easier to maintain. For vinyl tops we deep clean and apply a water resistant UV protectant to keep it protected.

Starting at $75

Paint Chip Repair

With our paint chip repair service we can make those unsightly blemishes virtually disapear. We use high a quality paint repair system for a perfect match every time. 

Please stop by for a consultation to determine pricing

Odor Removal

Have a funky smell in your ride? We have had great success at removing all sorts of foul odors including smoke, mold & mildew, sour milk, urine, and pet odors.

Pricing is determined by time spent on vehicle so please call or stop by for consultation.

Spot Correction

This service is for those who are looking to have an isolated scratch or multiple scratches removed from around the vehicle. This service can be added to our Express Detail or Deluxe Detail packages.

Starting at $35